The site is divided into several key areas, each focusing on a specific aspect of Vincent D�Onofrio�s career, type of material presented, or activity. The side navigation bar provides links to all the top level pages of the site, as well as to the individual galleries -- moving your mouse over the Galleries button will display links to the three individual galleries.  The lower navigation bar provides direct access to individual gallery collections, plus the main top level pages. The following
Table of Contents summarizes what each of the main areas of the site contains.

Table of Contents

 The Photo Galleries Collections of images and multimedia files sorted by subject.  I have divided them into three galleries, each containing multiple albums. All of our galleries and albums are publicly viewable to all of our visitors. There are no private or members� only albums.
Vincent D'Onofrio Photo Gallery Albums devoted to D�Onofrio�s roles in films (grouped by year), television interviews, and guest appearances.
LOCI Photo Gallery Albums containing episode descriptions, publicity photos, video captures and more. Albums are organized by season and content, and video captures are additionally collected by episode.  They are also cross linked by episode allowing quick navigation of all pages pertaining to that episode across the albums (episode description has direct links to publicity photos, video captures, multimedia and vice versa).
Fans' Gallery 
Visiting fans can share up to five of their favorite photos here. Registered members are eligible for a user Login ID which allows them to create their own fan album (For details and/or to sign up for your free membership, visit the Forum now). Visitors do not need an account to view albums in the Fans� Gallery or to add photos to the Guest Album.

 Vincent D'Onofrio ScrapBook An online scrapbook, organized into chapters devoted to different subjects, provides the text content of the site. Here you can read various articles & interviews and other information about the actor. The subjects covered include: Biographical Information, Filmography, Reviews, Interview Transcripts, and Articles.  There is also a chapter for visitors to add their own contributions.

 The Forum A bulletin board style forum where fans can gather to socialize, exchange information, and express opinions.  You will need to sign up for a free account to post in the forums. The Forum is now open, and we encourage all visitors to join and contribute your views. We are looking for people interested in moderating and/or helping to administrate the forum. Read this for more details.

 The GuestBook Let me know what you think of this site. Read what other visitors had to say.

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